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    Some things you have to do every day. Eating seven apples on Saturday night instead of one a day just isn’t going to get the job done.
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  • Alternative therapies for children

    According to a recent survey performed by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), approximately 12 percent of children ages 17 and under used some form of complementary and alternative medicine in the last year.

  • Stressful events

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  • Understanding Homeopathy

    If you have allergies, you probably try to avoid the things that make you sneeze and itch. However, exposure to small doses of your allergic triggers may actually improve your symptoms, according to the principles of homeopathy, a form of alternative medicine.

  • Heart disorders

    Millions of people experience irregular or abnormal heartbeats, called arrhythmias, at some point in their lives. Most of the time, they are harmless and happen in healthy people free of heart disease.

  • Stomach disorders

    The stomach is an important organ in the body. It plays a vital role in digestion of foods, releases various enzymes and also protects the lower intestine from harmful organisms. The stomach connects

  • Yoga for Better Health

    Many Americans are exploring the rhythmic breathing, stretches, and sometimes demanding postures of yoga as a form of alternative medicine. The 2007 National Health Interview Survey found that


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